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Layers of Fear Coming to Xbox One This Friday


Yes it’s true, one of the most unique and highly rated Steam Early Access horror games will be getting an official release on Xbox One.

Layers of Fear, for the uninitiated is a first person horror game that most people have noted, seems to take inspiration from P.T., the teaser for the canceled Silent Hills game by Kojima Productions, however having more unique horror elements involving haunted paintings which appear to be more alive than you think, as well as having a spooky atmosphere in the setting of a big mansion. Overall it surprised many people, and turned out to be one of the breakout horror games of this year.

Now however it has been revealed that the game will now be released on Xbox One as well, however it is not being released as a full game, as the developer Bloober Team SA, has noted that the game is not yet completed and “There’s still a lot of development time left-” the game will be released through Microsoft’s Game Preview Program and will be released this friday, October 23rd, 2015.

So if you have an Xbox One and are itching for a good horror fix, then this Friday may be a good day for you.

Check out the trailer for the game below:

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