Far Cry Primal

Far Cry Primal takes place during “the harshest time in the history of mankind.” So, to help us out, Ubisoft has released a new trailer dubbed “101” to give us some guidance on how to make it out alive.

The 101 trailer is a tutorial clip essentially. Coming in at around five minutes, it gives a great look at Takkar’s enemies, his powerful Beast Master abilities, and the weapons he’ll utilize throughout Far Cry Primal. The clip starts off by showing us the latter, an array of Takkar’s arsenal that hopes to lend towards his survival.

“Durable clubs, versatile spears and various forms of the deadly bow and arrow create the foundation of [Takkar’s] arsenal.” You’ll be able to scour the game’s environment and find rare materials to craft make-shift shanks from. You can upgrade the strength of your spears and even convert your bow into a version which shoots double arrows. You can also use environmental hazards such as bees and fire and complicate combat situations.

While an arsenal is great, the real meat of Takkar’s abilities comes in the form of his Beast Master abilities. “His constant owl companion provides many benefits from aerial scouting to executing enemies.” Badgers, bears, wild cats – they can all be at your disposal. And the larger ones, such as the bears and cats, can even be ridden to get Takkar across the vast sandbox that is Far Cry Primal.

The video also touches upon what types of foes Takkar will be up against in the game, including the title’s main antagonist. Checkout the clip for yourself and get prepared to head back to the Stone Age. Far Cry Primal hits PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 23rd.

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