Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 Review: Kang’s Conquest


Since the late 90s, the Lego Group has had a footing in games with the original Lego Island on the PC, which has only grown with multiple titles ranging from different genres. From the classic building simulator to the more linear franchise games such as Lego Star Wars and Lego Indiana Jones. They’ve even invented some of their own story games on their IP like Lego Undercover. With Legos having such a huge impact on gamers and kids across the world, it made sense to make a Lego franchise that can stand on its own story but is recognizable, like Lego Marvel Super Heroes. Most outlets praised the first game for it being a great Lego game from the music to the character variety and for its marvel storytelling. However, can the sequel live up to the franchise or will it break apart?

Chronopolis is born

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 is filled with charm from the stellar voice acting to the hilarious humor. In particular, the story tells a fun take on the Marvel IP. Thus the sequel takes place directly after Lego Marvel Super Heroes, Kang the conqueror is on his own quest to conquer the universe and ends up merging several different time periods and realities to create Chronopolis. His goal is to crush the heroes and rule as the leader of this new world. Throughout the story you will be put into interesting situations, it is something special when you’re playing as Captain America and Star-Lord in a dogfight with Baron Zemo in the skies of a hydra ruled Manhattan.

There are many things that make this game stand out. To the gorgeous Marvel themed world covering over eighteen different areas of the Marvel universe like Noir Manhattan, planet Skaar, and the inhuman capital Attilan. Surprisingly this game is filled with a variety of characters ranging from some of the more popular characters like Hulk, Captain America, and Ironman. To obscure characters like A-bomb, Quake, the living presence and Cosmo the talking space dog. Lego Super Marvel Heroes 2 has over 270 characters some being their own characters and others being different variations of a character like a cowboy Captain America or Winter Captain America. What caught me by surprise is the size of the world it’s the largest open world that Lego has made and it certainly does impress.

The hub area is lacking, you will only use the Avenger’s mansion to use the local multiplayer and to create custom characters. There’s also an option to use cheat codes and buy pink brinks from Gwenpool, that do interesting effects like everyone is wearing hats, or everyone is dancing. However, the mansion, for the most part, feels empty compared to some of the older hub zones from Lego.

Ian Livingstone is the composer for Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 and is known for working on Batman Begins the Game, Lego the Hobbit: The Video Game, Lego Marvel’s Avengers, and Forza Motorsport 4. The majority of the music matches what you would hear in a Marvel movie and is really fun to listen to. From the start of the game, you will hear classics from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie to music composed by Ian Livingstone who tries to aim for a fantastic fast paced superhero style that Marvel is famous for.

Blue Skies

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 shares the same gameplay as all the older Lego franchise games with a few new additions like time manipulation and certain abilities for new characters but stays the same mostly. It doesn’t take any risks and change anything significant which is sadly a lost opportunity. However, the gameplay is still just as fun, just old. Puzzles are all over the map and take some thought into solving them, combat is fun as always. There are several bosses throughout the story and in the open world ranging from several of the classic villains and can be challenging. Time manipulation is useful for objects that have collapsed and needs to rewind in order for it be fixed and usable and is used throughout the game.

Online multiplayer is sadly still not an option, but there is local multiplayer. Either through the main story and the Chronopolis world, you can play with a friend for the majority of the game or you can try out the Battle Arena which offers a new way to play with 2-4 friends it comes with two modes, Capture The Infinite Stones and Color Clash. Capture The Infinite Stones is a variation of capture the flag except the flag is an infinity stone and can use powers to kill enemies for points there are 5 stones with their own unique powers. Color Clash is a lot like Splatoon turf war, which the goal is to cover the map and gain as many points from it as you can. Both modes share the same maps, The Dark Dimension, Skaar, Wakanda, and Attilan. However the downside to these modes is certain characters have an advantage over others, it varies on the character but for example, an overpowered character would be Ms. Marvel. Because of her long arms, they have far reach and can take the infinity stone or paint more of the map depending on what mode you’re playing.

Lego games are notorious for having a lot of extra content and replayability. Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 offers several different options of playing for one you could just go around town completing puzzles and races and it will occupy your time for a very long time or maybe you want to complete challenges that is an option too, mini kits and gold bricks make a return so you can go on the hunt for them to unlock mini-comics and rewards. Another fun addition is Gwenpool missions and character missions. They offer a lot of content involving a ton of tasks for you to do, Character missions will offer you new characters every time you finish one, and Gwenpool missions will unlock a new pink brick to buy from Gwenpool.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2
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