Lego: Worlds

When Minecraft first came about, people often tried to quickly describe it as a video game Lego set. But now, Minecraft is Minecraft. And the Lego games are Lego games. And both are great! But now, Lego wants a piece of that sweet, sweet Minecraft pie. And thus, today’s announcement of Lego: Worlds.

Lego Is Coming to Take Back the Building Block Throne

In the trailer that was released today, it’s immediately apparent, and Traveller’s Tales isn’t scared to make it known. Lego: Worlds wants to be a better Minecraft. The latter has had a hell of a head start though, but the former still looks like it has potential.

Lego: Worlds is coming to us on February 24th, 2017. And being developed strictly for stronger machines like, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at this point, it looks fantastic! The trailer opens up with a bland, gray world. Because that’s likely how we’ll find things at the beginning of the game. It will be up to you to design it, and thus earn that coveted role of Master Builder.

The game is touting the ability to essentially design and do whatever you want. And you can do so with a friend by playing either online or via split-screen multiplayer. It really does look quite promising. Checkout today’s reveal trailer. Surely with the game just a couple months away, Warner Bros. will be shedding some more light on it here soon.

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