Mad Max publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment just released a brand new trailer giving us an extensive look at the gameplay. The trailer sports a narrator providing more depth on the mechanics in relation to some story elements.

From the lengthy-ish look we’ve been given, the gameplay seems to be a mix of driving, car combat, car customisation as well as some on foot melee/ranged combat with a healthy dose of exploration in their too.

The style of melee combat in the trailer appears to be reminiscent of Batman Arkham Asylum. It appears to be free-flow, with large numbers of enemies that you can take on in your own way, of course with its own Mad Max flare including gruesome lethal takedowns with knives and axes. The rest of the combat system appears to be based in cars, with only one scene showing any gunplay; however the game does appear to have RPG elements with a levelling and ability system.

The RPG elements don’t stop there as the game is looking to encourage large open world exploration and form alliances with inhabitants of the wasteland. All on the back of their car system or as they call it, your ‘Magnum Opus’. Encouraging you to find ways to upgrade your car and get new weapons to wreak havoc in the wasteland in your 4 wheeled vehicle of death.

Don’t take my word for it however, take a look at the trailer yourself below, we’ll keep you covered on any more Mad Max news as it comes closer to its release date in September.

Source: GiantBomb

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