It was announced today that Los Angeles-based developer, Spark Unlimited, is no longer making games and has laid off its entire staff. The news comes from a former employee of the company.

Spark Unlimited developed titles such as Lost Planet 3, Legendary, and Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z. Their best received game was 2004’s Call of Duty: Finest Hour for the home consoles.

John Butrovich, chief technical officer at Spark Unlimited, told Polygon that: “Principal members of the studio “have decided to move on to other things.” Butrovich also confirmed that Spark Unlimited co-founder Craig Allen resigned as president and CEO from the company late last year.

It always stinks when layoffs happen. Spark Unlimited were a group of talented people. While not great, Lost Planet 3 had some interesting things going for it.

Here’s hoping that everyone at the company lands on their feet.

Source: Polygon