It looks like Lovely Planet 2 is on the way according to tinyBuild.

The publisher is set to announce four games this week, one a day from January 12-15, in what they are dubbing “The tinyBuild Four-nification Week.” To hype up the upcoming event, which will take place over at their website, the publisher provided partial screenshots and a few hints as to what each game could be.


unnamed (1)Only one of the games is a sequel, however, and it looks awfully a lot like QuickTequila’s Lovely Planet. The hint text says, “We take FPS back to basics in a colorful sequel to one of our games.” Considering the art style matches up, and the fact that the only first-person shooter that tinyBuild has published is Lovely Planet it seems like a second game in the series is a lock. The hypothetical Lovely Planet 2 is set to be announced on January 14.

There are three other intriguing new announcements from the No Time to Explain developer, though. The first game is described as This War of Mine, but on a train. While details are scarce, the publisher did release a short GIF of a train moving. At the very least we can get a look at the visual style of the game before it’s fully announced tomorrow. Check out the animated image below.


January 13’s announcement features a game “about rolling balls.” In what looks to be an arcade-style experience, the publisher also denotes that the title will mock players when they fail to complete an objective.

The four-day event will conclude on January 15 where the developer is set to show off a “trippy alien saga about taking out the trash.” tinyBuild denotes that this is not a joke, and that is literally the plot line for their upcoming release.

unnamed (1)

At the very least, it looks like tinyBuild has an exciting week ahead of them, and we’ll be looking to find out more about all four of their new games, including a possible Lovely Planet 2. All games will also be playable at the publisher’s PAX South boot on January 29.

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