Luke Cage

Well, we thought we were getting big Marvel Television news on Saturday. Turns out, Marvel couldn’t help themselves. The television side of the studio hosted a round-table for press and fans yesterday that showed off quite a bit of what’s to come for the television aspect of the MCU. Perhaps most prominently shown though, was Luke Cage.

Power Man Is Ready To Rumble

Fans and press were greeted with a solid first look at Luke Cage in his very own Netflix outing. While Daredevil attacks with grace and finesse, Cage comes at you like a tank. First off, the provided clip is set to Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s “Shimmy Shimmy Ya”, which immediately sets an amazing tone. It begins with Luke debating how involved he wants to be in the Superhero game. After a pep talk, he’s resigned to join the fight in his own way.

Cut to Luke walking towards a dwelling located within the show’s central location of Harlem, New York. He rips a door off an SUV, and utilizes it to bash down the door he needs access too. Men with guns begin to swarm Luke, who uses said door to absorb most of their ammunition. That was all for show though, as Luke slams a man against a wall with the door and bends it to entrap him within the steel frame. Besides, who needs a door for protection when you’re essentially bulletproof?

Luke Cage - Bring It
Bring it.

He takes the group out one by one utilizing his brutal raw strength. His attire is subtle, really nothing other than a black hoodie, but his nonchalant attitude is effective to say the least. The trailer doesn’t give us a ton, but it’s a start. Check it out for yourselves below. But keep reading, as there’s much more Marvel Television news to be had this morning…

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