Mad Max

Excited to get your hands on Avalanche Studios’ Mad Max? Us too. And guess what? You can go get it right now. To celebrate, WB Games has issued a new trailer for the title to ensure you have the appropriate level of hype.

The Mad Max “Launch Trailer” is on the shorter side, capping off at a little over a minute. But it hits all the beats you might suspect: melee, weaponry, and sweet, sweet vehicular destruction. Take a look for yourself below:

The Mad Max reviews coming in thus far have been mixed, the Metacritic average sits at 73 as of this posting. But at least we’re hearing that the PC version of this WB Games’ published game appears to be issued free (*cough* Arkham Knight *cough*). Victory Point will have our own review of the game in the near future. Until then, sit tight and buckle up.

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