Mafia III - Live Action Trailer

After wowing fans at E3 when Mafia III was finally played by the masses, the franchise seems poised to do the same within the live action genre. But in a much smaller scale, of course.

Lincoln Gets the Last Laugh

Mafia III sees our protagonist, Lincoln Clay, take revenge on the Italian mafia. Prior to the game’s setting of 1968, the Italian mafia completely wiped out the black mob which Clay was a part of. After surviving the assassination attempt, Clay bands a group of allies to get the revenge he so desperately craves.

The trailer only seems to be available via IGN’s Polish YouTube page at this point. The Polish description for the video is almost as good as the live action trailer itself, as it’s translated to say “See this great announcement for the upcoming continuation of gangster hit.” The trailer isn’t much of an “announcement”, per se, but really an introduction into the drama behind the plot of Mafia III

The trailer is very well done. Set to Sam Cooke’s “Bring It On Home To Me”, it starts subtle with a Italian boss and his wife dressing up for an evening out. They get to their destination, and after a quick cut showing the “offing” of the black mob”, we see Clay get his revenge. There’s then the Italian mobster’s funeral, which is interrupted by the sound of squealing tires. As the now widowed mafia wife turns, we see Lincoln Clay’s vehicle drive off after verifying the boss is indeed dead.

There’s no dialogue, so don’t be worried about watching a Polish YouTube video here. It’s unclear if IGN’s overseas family released this early, or if they were just the first to get the green light. Either way, it’s here. The game launches October 7th on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Checkout the new Mafia III trailer just below.

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