Games With Gold

Another month, another set of freebies poised to hit our Xbox 360s and Xbox Ones. Major Nelson dropped the news shortly ago on his blog, and after April’s stellar outing, this one is – well – a bit of a disappointment.

Xbox 360 owners are getting Grid 2 and Peggle this month. Grid 2 will be available as of May 1st through the 15th. The racing title earned a solid 78 on Metacritic when it released back in 2013. Second up is an all-time favorite in Peggle. From May 16th through May 31st you can download this gem free of charge. It came out in 2009, so shame on you if you’ve yet to play it, but if you haven’t there’s no excuse any longer. These two titles, like all Xbox 360 Games with Gold going forward, are backwards compatible on Xbox One.

Speaking of Xbox One, let’s see what’s in-store for us this month. Grid 2 is apparently a popular name, as an entirely different game in Defense Grid 2 is our first Xbox One Games with Gold entry in May. You can download it for free during the entire month. Another solid outing according to Metacritic, as it was awarded a 78 as well. It’s a tower defense game that is a sequel to 2008’s Defense Grid: The Awakening. The second half of May, after Sunset Overdrive gets the boot, opens up Costume Quest 2 for download. This one didn’t fare quite as well in regards to reviews as it currently sits with a 65 Metascore. It’s a Double Fine joint, and obviously a sequel to the original Costume Quest. Give it a whirl and see how you like it. Nothing to lose but hard drive space.

Here’s the trailer released this morning with the Games with Gold news. Check it out and mark your calendars accordingly.

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