PlayStation Plus March

Sony has revealed what we’ll be playing for free as of March thanks to our PlayStation Plus subscriptions.

The duo of 100% discounted games being touted this month are Broforce and Galak-Z. The former is described by Andy Lum of the PlayStation blog as a game in which “you’ll fight evil and rescue bro teammates using fire, napalm, and whatever else you find in the name of freedom.” Galak-Z is depicted by Lum as “a two-dimensional sci-fi shooter taken to the next level. Pilot your ship through this physics-driven, procedurally generated world while surviving several enemy factions. Wait, did I mention that your ship can transform into a laser sword-wielding Mech?”

Here is the complete list of titles hitting PlayStation Plus next month as well as their correlating Metascores:

  • Broforce, PlayStation 4 (Metascore of 83 on PC)
  • Flame Over, PlayStation Vita (Metascore of 69)
  • Galak-Z, PlayStation 4 (Metascore of 82)
  • The Last Guy, PlayStation 3 (Metascore of 77)
  • Reality Fighters, PlayStation Vita (Metascore of 54)
  • Super Stardust HD, PlayStation 3 (Metascore of 85)

As you can see from the above scores, we have a few gems in there this month. Maybe not on the PlayStation Vita side of things, but our PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 offerings are quite solid. Checkout the below trailer for a quick look at Broforce and Galak-Z.

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