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While we’re used to Mario playing tons of sports, he typically does so in a multitude of different individual games. That idea is no more, as Nintendo has revealed Mario Sports Superstars for Nintendo 3DS today.

Mario is Moving on from the Olympics

4 of the 5 games included are ones we’re used to seeing Mario and his pals play: Soccer, Baseball, Tennis and Golf. Nintendo, however, threw us a curve ball and has implemented Horse Racing into this mix as well.

Bill Trinen revealed the news. He wanted to drive home that these weren’t going to be simple mini-games slapped into a cart. No, Bill insists that “these are full-scale sports, and there’s more to them than you may expect.” Bill continues, “there’s not only a single player tournament mode for all 5 sports, there’s also local and online multiplayer.

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Bill didn’t go into specifics about the other titles, but he did note that Soccer is “the full on, 11 vs. 11” style of gameplay. I’m intrigued to see how Horse Racing works exactly. Even though I’m confident there’s not a chance, here’s to hoping Nintendo takes a page from Pocket Card Jockey for its Horse Racing genetics.

Mario Sports Superstars hits the Nintendo 3DS in Spring of 2017.

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