Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Review: The Dark Reign of Ultron Sigma


Do you wonder if Spider-man and Frank West could win in a fight against Captain America and Ryu? Well, Capcom wants to answer that for you in their latest title, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. With the new 2v2 tag team battles it can actually feel a lot more fast-paced and chaotic making for an enjoyable experience. However, the story just doesn’t hold up and the roster feels a lot smaller compared to the previous title in the series.

Universes Collide

Capcom has a history of making some of the best Fighting games on the market ranging from Street Fighter going to Power stone and then, of course, Marvel vs Capcom. Which brings something completely new to the table. They decide to use Marvel-related characters and pit them against their own franchise such as Street Fighter, Dead rising, Resident Evil, Mega-man, Bionic Commander and several others. However, when the game first came out there was only Street Fighter and X-men characters. And as the franchise grew these two series never lost the spotlight until now.

Some of the best fighting characters in the previous titles were X-men characters like Wolverine, Cyclopse, Magneto and even Gambit. With the exclusion of the X-men, the game feels like it’s missing some of the charm it once had.

The story is the most disappointing part of the game. Throughout the game, you will fight Ultron sigmas minions, which are just drones and Asgard soldiers being controlled. It can be boring and repetitive with the occasional fight against another fighter,  it can feel like the story is mostly filler. The dialogue is some of the worst I’ve heard in a game. The writing is flat and feels out of pace with the characters at times.

It’s In The Details

“With the exclusion of the X-men, the game feels like it’s missing some of the charm it once had”

Gameplay is really fun and is one of the best parts of MVC infinite due to infinity stones which adds a new level to the mechanics. Depending on the stone you can do a good amount damage and many more awesome effects. the combat is smooth and made for casuals and professionals. There’s plenty of combos that are harder to master but can win you any match if done correctly.

Arcade is another aspect of the game that didn’t live up to the previous titles. It consists of seven battles including the boss Fight that has a difficulty spike making it a lot harder than any of the other fights. What’s lacking about the arcade is no one gets an individual story or costume.

The Multiplayer is fairly simple you go through matchmaking and fight people online.  There are ranked matches if you want to fight and rank up in the leaderboards normally. The lobby is filled with experienced players and can be difficult but with enough practice, you can compete with them. Casual matches are more for the players who don’t want too much of a challenge and looking to have fun. Beginners league is there to show you what level you stand at fighting wise and helps you work your way up to the top of the fighters. In the end multiplayer played smoothly with no lags and offers content to professionals and casuals who are looking for something easier.

Ultimate Hadoken

The music in this game feels alive conveying the feeling of battle at any moment. Inviting you for a match all while getting you hyped up. As a result, composer Eishi Segawa accomplishes what every fighting game needs, good music.

Playing through the game you will notice there’s not really anything extra like new costumes, or stages. There is a selection to see the artwork and to hear voice lines and music themes. You will also be able to watch story scenes as you progress through the story but in the end, some artwork and voice lines don’t add up too much when there’s a lack of costumes or stages. One more thing to note if you pre-order the game you got actual costumes like Hulk Gladiator, Warrior Thor, Evil Ryu and the fact they’re not part of the game kinda ruins the fun. Since costumes in this game equate to colors of the main outfit which is lack-luster.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite
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