Marvel Studios

For a while now, the play was for Marvel to release an Inhumans film after the 4th Avengers film to close out Phase 3. That’s apparently no longer the case. Marvel has announced that Inhumans is headed to television.

“To the Moon, Alice!”

Marvel dropped the following Tweet to confirm the news:

We then got a bit more clarification as to how the series will come to be within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The show will begin airing on ABC next fall. However, the first two hours of the show will be filmed in IMAX format and sewn together as to get a theatrical release. Those episodes will then air a bit later on ABC, and the show will continue on as a television series from there.

Ben Sherwood, Disney-ABC Television Group, stated that ” in the incredibly crowded marketplace of television, we are very excited about this because it’s a unique and innovative and bold way to debut our best new content.” It’s also helpful that no other Marvel properties are poised to hit the big screen around September of 2017.

More details are sure to follow as the Inhumans series is now poised for debut in less than a year.

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