Iron Fist - Premiere Date

Out with the old and in with the new, I suppose. Fans continue to finish up their bingeing of Marvel’s latest television outing, Luke Cage, since the show’s debut on Friday. However, that just means on to the next one for the Netflix/Marvel combo. The stream team has just announced when the next Defender show, Iron Fist, is poised to hit our home screens.

Breathe Deep

It was already confirmed that Danny Rand would make his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in 2017. Now we know exactly when. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, folks:

One of the biggest dilemmas of 2017 has already reared its ugly head. Bars and booze or March 17th? Or Iron Fist and footy pajamas? Hell, just get drunk at home. It’s cheaper.

The Iron Fist twitter account also released the show’s first still today too:

It looks as though the image is before Finn Jones’ Danny Rand becomes Iron Fist, proper. There certainly isn’t any CG effects going on with those fists as of yet. There’s a lot of bodies strewn about in the background too. And it looks as though the setting could be something akin to a training ground of sorts. Likely, we’re looking at Rand as he’s starting to become more in tune with his martial arts training.

As the Luke Cage hypes dies down, we’ll likely here more about Iron Fist as we near the end of the year. It’s pretty damn exciting though that the show really isn’t all that far away.

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