The Defenders

Well, folks. We’ve yet to see either Luke Cage or Iron Fist premiere, and yet Marvel and Netflix are ready to begin generating the hype machine behind their television version of The Avengers, The Defenders.

Netflix’s Quartet of Heroes Are Closer to Uniting

The Defenders sees the titular characters of Marvel and Netflix’s Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist unite as a superhero team to save the streets of New York. During the panel in which the Luke Cage and Iron Fist trailers also debuted, Marvel’s Jeph Loeb described The Defenders quite well: The Avengers save the universe. We wanted to tell stories about characters who save the streets.”

The trailer isn’t anything much really, but it does an amazing job of getting you excited for a team-up show that is still a ways out. Set to Nirvana’s “Come As You Are”, the entire trailer is essentially just a flyover of various newspaper and article clippings that mention our four heroes that make up The Defenders. As the clippings fly by with references to each individual character, pieces are torn out. Finally, at the end, the pieces come together:

The Defenders - Defend

But that’s not it! I (perhaps ignorantly) compared The Defenders to The Avengers as a way to wrap your mind around what this show will attempt to accomplish. Well, let’s make another correlation. At the end of the clip we hear a familiar voice echo the following: “You think the four of you can save New York? You can’t even save yourselves…” That voice? None other than Scott Glenn who plays Stick in the Daredevil series. It appears as though The Defenders has its very own Nick Fury!

Checkout the teaser just below. But don’t get too hyped, The Defenders is still quite a way out…

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