For awhile now, ever since it’s release in August 2014, Lichdom: Battlemage has been a Steam only exclusive. Now according to Maximum games who recently partnered with developer Xaviant, has announced that they have plans to release the game on consoles later this year. Currently Maximum games are aiming for a Holiday release of this year (2015), but so far have not announced an actual date for it’s release.

To add a primer for those who don’t know what ‘Lichdom: Battlemage‘ actually is, it is a first person action-role playing game where you take the role of a “dragon”, or in other terms, a powerful mage that solves all their problems with really robust magic. In the game you have the ability to combine certain elements of magic such as fire, ice, and lightning, to craft unique spells to use against your enemies. The catch of course is you can’t use anything but magic. No fist fighting, no melee weapons, guns, or the like, just your raw magic power.

According to Len Ciciretto, President of Maximum Games, this is what he had to say in regards to Lichdom: Battlemage’s release for the consoles: “The response and reviews of Lichdom: Battlemage have been amazing on PC, and we are thrilled to bring this type of explosive and dynamic title to consoles, this game will feel even more responsive and fluid with a controller in your hands.”

Michael Mcmain, CEO & Creative Director at Xaviant Games also added: “Everything about Lichdom: Battlemage is powerful – the combat, the magic, the enemies, the bosses… We’re pleased to see the game will be available to more players looking for a unique spell-casting game on console.”  Which sounds pretty promising for those who have current gen consoles who didn’t have the ability to play it on a computer.

Overall, this seems to be good news for those of you who are eager to play the game, but didn’t have the opportunity due to not having a good enough Computer rig to be able to handle the game.

for more info, feel free to head over to to find out more.



SOURCEGames Press
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