We live in a strange time.

I mean before things were a lot more simpler. When it came to video games, all we needed was a console, a controller, a tv, and the game itself, put it in, and play. Simple.

Now things are bit more complicated. Now our game consoles are constantly on the internet, sometimes downloading updates that that’s as slow as dial-up internet, optional buy-able “downloadable content” is now basically the norm, who cares if your game is incomplete, we’ll sell the stuff that should be on the disc, right to you, and call it ‘extra content’.

But now, the waters are even more muddied with the “advent” of Micro-transactions. It’s no longer just about ‘extra content’ anymore, now people literally sell people stuff like fake money in order to buy fake stuff in order to progress in a fake world. Overall, when it comes to micro-transactions, people tend to not really like them, ESPECIALLY in AAA games.

Unfortunately, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, may be getting the same treatment, and needless to say for most people, that’s not really a good thing.

According to the Italian Playstation Store page, in the description for Metal Gear Solid V states the words “Acquisti in-game opzionali,” which when translated into English means “optional in-game purchases,” which of course leads everyone to believe that the game would include Micro-transactions.

While it is not clear as to what exactly these micro-transactions would be, it is believed to be linked to the games GMP (Gross Military Product) and features related to Mother-base. GMP by the by is essentially the funds that allow you to expand your Mother-base, and if micro-transactions are tied to the gmp system, it leads people to believe that the game will expect you to pay actual money in order to expand Mother-base, or limit funds daily forcing you to wait till the next real world day in order to continue playing the game (a.k.a. a Paywall) or pay for more gmp to expand Mother-base Ala Ace Combat Infinity’s Fuel system.

While Konami does have yet to announce any news regarding this stateside, or anywhere else in the world, it may be possible that the micro-transaction will not prevent game progress, or may not even exist (chances is that it is real, but who knows).

It’s a very strange and saddening thought to see MGSV have Micro-transactions in the game, as anyone could tell you Micro-transactions are completely unnecessary in a AAA game, but here’s hoping that the feature doesn’t ruin a potential game of the year. When more info comes out, we will make sure to do a follow up piece later down the road.

Let’s hope for the best.

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