The saga of Konami and Kojima continues. NeoGAF users have uncovered the latest slight in the ongoing drama between the two gaming giants: all mentions of Kojima and team have been removed from the final version of the Metal Gear Solid V box art.

While it’s obvious that Kojima and Konami are done with one another after Metal Gear Solid V ships, outwardly refusing to acknowledge him and his company from the final box art is a shot too low to have been taken. Here is the before and after versions of the cover art:

Metal Gear Solid V Box Art

“A Hideo Kojima Game” was removed from the top portion of the cover, while the entire Kojima Productions logo was erased from the bottom left corner. The Kojima Productions logo just so happens to represent the people who spent the last few years of their lives working on Metal Gear Solid V, a project that will surely net Konami a pretty penny.

It’s petty to say the least, and downright cowardly to say more. But I digress… Metal Gear Solid V releases in just six weeks on September 1st. The Konami and Kojima beef is sure to continue well past that.

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