Micro Machines World Series Review: Battery Power


For several generations, kids have been playing with toy cars such as Hot Wheels, Big Wheels, and Micro Machines. As time passed on and the video game industry came along, the toy industry thought it would be wise to jump on the video game market and with that came the wave of toy based video games. One of the more noticeable franchises that still lives to this date is Micro Machines by Codemasters. 

For a while, Micro Machines seemed to be the Multiplayer racing game most people would play with friends. Until Micro Machines v4 came out in 2006 and was panned by critics and fans of the series. The franchise seemed dead with its last game being a flop and no successor on its way. It took eleven years for the next game in the franchise Micro Machines World Series to come out. Will Micro Machines be able to survive the transition to next generation of gaming?

A regular racing match

On The Road Again

The first thing you notice playing for the first time is that there is no real single player content. Closest you can get to single player is playing against bots in a racing match or in battle mode, the third option is to play elimination. There is also local play so you can play with friends and if you want you can add bots, but in local play elimination bots aren’t allowed.

Racing mode can feel like it’s impossible but with enough time and determination, you could possibly score first place. The driving mechanics make you very careful o when approaching a corner due to the janky controls, making the game frustrating.

Elimination mode is very similar to racing, but the twist is you start off with a certain amount of points and if you die from being off-screen or from falling down then you lose points and you have to wait till the next round. You keep doing this until either you or an opponent earned enough points to win the match. Elimination mode can be very difficult because it’s easy to be off-screen and since the artificial intelligence is cheap it can feel even more impossible to win.


One of many creative maps

Nostalgic Visuals

Really the game shines when it comes to visuals and map designs. Visuals remind me of the old toy soldier games where it emphasized on the small feeling of being a toy in a large world that is always changing because of humans. The maps add to this by making it feel like each track or battle ground you race on or battle has been touched by the humans who live there. Such as toy tracks built by kids or kitchen counters that people were making food on.


A regular battle mode match

The Battle Rages On

The best mode in this game has to be Battle mode, which offers the most content while also giving you a fair shot. Starting off in battle mode you have a team of 6 to help you out against enemy bots or players.

Battle mode offers several sub-modes, first is capture the flag which can be fun sneaking away with the flag or battling your way to the flag, but can be annoying if the whole team is by the flag and you’re team mates are off being stuck in the wall. The second sub-mode is capture the hill where you fight for certain spots of the map and hold on to it till you reach a thousand points. And the last sub-mode is capture the bomb where a bomb is placed in the middle of the map and you have to take it to the enemy base. It can feel like a constant battle zone when you’re holding or protecting the bomb.

Broken System

Multiplayer is something you have to take into mind when it comes to this game, because it’s about 75% of the game. It can be terrible with wait times being long, and sometimes when you do get into a match it will just be a room full of bots. Most of the time you will either play with only one or two players online depending on the mode.

With online being broken It does take a lot from the game, there are good aspects to multiplayer but sadly with no online community it goes to waste. There is a leveling system which gives you rewards such as new skins for cars, which is needed due to the lack of cars compared to previous Micro Machines installments. There is a prestige mode if you hit level 40, but you have to put some serious time into the game and it’s just not worth it.

Battle mode soon to end



Micro Machines
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