Tech Series Controller

Microsoft has a new line of Xbox One Controllers headed our way next month. Dubbed the Tech Series, the company is hoping to evolve the Xbox’s controller to higher ground.

“The Future is in Your Hands”

The Tech Series controller appears to be a middle ground of sorts between the standard $60 Xbox One controller and the Xbox Elite Controller that runs for $150. It’s definitely much more impressive than the stock controller, yet it’s no where near the high price range of the Elite.

Microsoft’s Tech Series controller will retail at $69.99. It comes standard with a 3.5mm stereo headset jack and Bluetooth so you can connect it to Windows PCs and tablets. The controller also touts custom button mapping as well as twice the typical wireless range.

The first controller in the new line is the Recon Tech Special Edition. Here is Microsoft’s breakdown of the aesthetics:

“In developing this new controller series, the Xbox team was inspired by military technology and performance patterns, exploring concepts stemming from combat armor and sci-fi mechanical gear. Premium finishes like a laser etched texture on the front, gold accents and insignia are on the front of the controller. The back of the controller features textured diamond rubberized grip for added control and comfort.”

Microsoft’s fancy new controllers debut on April 25th. You can head here for a closer look and additional details.

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