That’s right folks…for the third time…where do I even start?

Well I guess to get into the meat of the issue, on the 22nd of January, Keiji Inafune, the director of Mighty No.9, has announced on his website, yet again, that Mighty No.9 will be delayed yet again until Spring of 2016, not verifying an actual date.

If you recall, previously the team announced the game would release on February 9th of 2016, which of course according to this new press release from Keiji himself, confirms that this isn’t so.

So what is the reason for the game being delayed? Gameplay issues? No. Gameplay Bugs? Sort of but no. What is it you ask? This is gonna slay you…the reason the game is being delayed for the third time is because net code for Co-op and other “Network Modes” are buggy…you heard me.

I only have one response to that.


But in all seriousness, many others, including myself has brought up legitimate questions, such as: ‘Why delay the game for online Co-Op modes? Why not just Patch it later?’ and ‘Why not cut the online modes? Most people are probably gonna play it for the singleplayer anyway.’

Of course there are no clear answers as to why they won’t release it without these “Network Modes” that are apparently so important that Comcept had to delay the game for a third time.

Regardless though many people are not happy with the news, and unfortuneatly, all we can do is just wait…again…till spring…we might as well watch paint on a picket fence dry.

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