Mighty No. 9, the successfully Kickstarter backed step-cousin to the Mega Man series, now has a release date. Comcept, the studio founded by Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune, initially planned to have the game out this Spring. As we near May we figured that was no longer the case. The title has now been officially delayed to Fall, but at least we have a date: September 15th.

With news of the release date also comes more details about the title’s launch. First off, there will be a physical release for the game as well, most had assumed it would be digital only. Those who purchase the disc copy will have the Ray “Abandoned Lab Stage” DLC included, as well as the Ray as a playable character.

Mighty No. 9 Gameplay

New language support has also been added. Subtitles for Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Brazilian, Portuguese and Polish are now included. You will also have the ability to toggle over to the original Japanese voice-overs if you so choose. A French voice-over option will be available as well.

It has also been announced that Deep Silver has joined the Mighty No. 9 team as a publisher on the project. Comcept explained their enthusiasm for the collaboration by saying the following on their blog:

“The reason for the delay, and the reason we are so excited about this new partnership in the first place, is all the cool stuff it will allow us to add to the game (content that all Backers will get absolutely FREE.”

Essentially a quarter long delay doesn’t seem too steep a price for free DLC and an assuredly better overall product. And Comcept promises Mighty No. 9 will be absolutely benefit from the delay:

“This deal also allows us more time and resources for testing, polish, and the creation of physical retail versions (on some systems), and — very importantly — won’t affect absolutely any of our Kickstarter plans or rewards. In short, it will make for an even Mightier No. 9, for backers, for us, and for all our fans, worldwide!”


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