Mighty No. 9

A new trailer has dropped for Mighty No. 9. The Mega Man inspired Kickstarter title isn’t too far off from its February release date at this point. So I suppose it’s time to remind everyone why they were so excited about the project in the first place.

The narrator of the “Bring It” trailer gives a variety of reasons why we should be excited for Mighty No. 9. “All it wants to be is fun. And challenging. And fun. And replayable as hell. And, oh, did I mention fun?” he says. To help with said replayability, the game shows off and touts Boss Rush Mode, Challenge Mode, 1 Hit Death Maniac Mode, and several online multiplayer options.

Finally, the narrator wraps by stating that “this is all just the beginning. So what are you waiting for?” Well, February 9th for one, Mr. Narrator. Checkout the new trailer below.

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