UFC 2 - Legacy Mike Tyson

“Iron” Mike Tyson is ready to head back to the ring. No, we aren’t talking about the currently 49 year-old Tyson that is busy falling off of hoverboards. We’re talking about the digitalized Mike. In an awesome move today, EA Sports has announced that Mike Tyson is set to appear in their upcoming MMA title, UFC 2.

EA has two versions of Mike Tyson up their sleeve for us. Per EA, those two versions are ““Iron” Mike Tyson based on his climb to stardom and string of invincible fights in the eighties; and “Legacy” Mike Tyson, developed with the end of his illustrious career in mind.”

UFC 2 - Iron Mike Tyson
That’s “Iron” Mike Tyson looking toward the camera as he prepares to bout “Legacy” Mike Tyson who has his back towards us.

While the duo of Tysons will be available to unlock in UFC 2 via in-game progress, you can also make them open to you on launch day as well. To get access to “Iron” Mike Tyson, all you have to do is preorder the standard edition of UFC 2. However, if you want the “Legacy” Mike Tyson counterpart at launch as well, you’ll have to fork over the additional funds for the title’s Deluxe Edition. Checkout the Tyson reveal trailer just below to get a glimpse of the man (men?) in action.

What I’m really getting out of this news though, is the new hope that you can bite combatant’s ears as in illegal move in the game. Because that would just be amazing. UFC 2 connects on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 15th.

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