Award winning publisher and developer, TellTale Games, today announced the critically praised Minecraft: Story Mode, the spinoff episodic adventure based off Mojang’s critical hit Minecraft, would be receiving a port to Nintendo’s Wii U system.

The announcement further detailed that the game would release the first episode, ‘The Order of The Stone’, on the Wii U’s Nintendo E-shop on January 21st, for the price of $4.99 or your regional equivalent. It was also noted that there will be a season pass option available for those who want access to episodes 2 through 5 once the episodes become available for around $19.99.

The Wii U port will also allow for off-Television play, allowing anyone with the Wii U gamepad to play the game on the gamepad’s screen, with options for touch screen control, or use of the thumb sticks and buttons to control the game.

So for those with a Wii U, a love for Minecraft, and a desire to play Minecraft: Story Mode, you won’t have to wait long.

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