While it has been known that MixedBag was working on bringing a Futuridium title to PlayStation VR, we now know that the Italian indie developer will be releasing two separate titles.

MixedBag’s first title is an adaptation of Futuridium EP Deluxe, and will be available as a launch title for PlayStation VR. The colorful shoot ’em up was originally released PlayStation 4 and Vita in September of 2014.


Also in the works is Futuridium VR, a brand new entry in the series made specifically for PlayStation VR. MixedBag’s cofounder Mauro Fanelli told VictoryPoint.TV that “[the] idea is to implement new VR focused gameplay mechanics.” Mauro also noted that the team needed to “start from the ground up” to fully take advantage of virtual reality.

While additional details are scarce, MixedBag has told us that the sequel will feature a “revamped graphic style” and will feature a campaign with branching level paths.

In the campaign players will fly through asteroid fields, engage in combat in both deep space and on planet surfaces. Futuridium VR will also use a new control scheme that is only made possible by virtual reality.

We’ll have more on both Futuridium EP Deluxe and Futuridium VR as their releases approach in 2016.



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