Super Mario Myths

In celebration of Super Mario Maker launching (tomorrow!), Mr. Miyamoto himself took some time from his busy schedule to tackle some famous Mario myths for Nintendo UK.

Have you ever wondered who Bowser Jr.’s mother was? What about what exactly Mario uses to smash all those bricks? And was Super Mario Bros. 3 all just an act? Take a gander and the quick clip below and find out those answers, and others:

Well that was fun! Let’s recap!

  • So, Mario is named after the landlord of a Nintendo North American warehouse.
  • Mario is not about to lose a life on the original Super Mario Bros. cover.
  • Do not allow Dr. Mario to perform surgical procedures on you.
  • No, bob-ombs that blow up do not then turn into boos.
  • And yes, of course Mario breaks bricks with his fist. How many thousands of concussions would our hero have if he used his head?

Finally, Miyamoto confirmed that Super Mario Bros. 3 was all just a stage play… wait, what? Now that you mention it, it is fairly obvious. But still, with Super Mario Bros. 2 being all just a dream and Super Mario Bros. 3 being a performance, those mushrooms and baddies must have taken a hell of a toll on our favorite plumber in Super Mario Bros.

Miyamoto also confirmed that none of his stages are featured in Super Mario Maker. He did, however, promise to put some online for us.

Oh, and by the way, Mr. Miyamoto himself is Bowser Jr.’s mother… yikes.

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