Monster Hunter World Release Date Revealed


At the Sony Tokyo Game show, 2017 press conference Capcom made a few big announcements for monster hunter fans. First, we got to see more gameplay and how the world looks which is fantastic. And then we got to see a release date which for most fans was a shock because the expected date was probably sometime later 2018 but Capcom announced Monster Hunter World will be released worldwide on January 26th, 2018. There was still more to announce such as special editions, pre-order bonuses, and even a monster hunter themed PlayStation 4 Pro.

Monster Hunter World on PlayStation 4

There will be multiple Versions of Monster Hunter World, First, we have the digital deluxe edition which will come with a new armor set, emotes, hairstyles and emblems. Then we have the collectors edition which will feature the game, soundtrack, art book and a statute. And finally, you have the PlayStation 4 Pro monster hunter bundle which will include a monster hunter themed PlayStation with a controller to match it and the game. Pre-orders will be open on September 20th and will feature pre-order bonus like a new armor set called Origin Series and a wind charm item. The announcement video is linked above.

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