In a recent interview with Youtube personality Angry Joe, Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon revealed big news for Mortal Kombat X. According to Boon, one will be able to play as DLC characters in their own “Tower” modes, which one can presume are like the arcade towers in previous games, before purchasing them. This is a big deal since, as far as I can recall, no other company has allowed such robust testing of their DLC by potential customers.

From the interview: 

“Every day when you come on, there’s going to be three Towers in the Living Towers section. One changes every hour, one changes every day, and one is called a Premiere Tower, which is like an event tower. So for instance, if Jason comes along, we’re going to have a Jason Tower, where you play as Jason and fight up in it–and you can even use that tower if you didn’t even purchase Jason. So it’s really cool, it gives players a taste of what the character is like to play.”

I especially like this idea coming from NetherRealm, as I found many of the DLC characters in the previous installment lacked individuality in their playability. Freddy Krueger for example played much like Baraka with some teleporting mechanics ripped from Scorpion. Plus, some characters just don’t fit with a player’s style, even if the character is an appealing option. This mechanic could be revolutionary in the industry if sales figures see a boost from people that test said characters beforehand. Many companies get bashed in the media and by fans for lackluster DLC, but that won’t change much if you’ve already given them your money. Yet, seeing a model of success with a strategy like this could influence more companies to take a similar approach.

The full interview can be seen here:

Here’s hoping this will set a standard for other companies to follow. If it succeeds, we may see more games adopt a trial system in the future, such as demos of DLC maps and missions, as well as similar limited periods of gameplay with DLC characters or items. I wouldn’t hold my breath, but it’s a good sign for the industry from a major player.