Mortal Kombat X launched earlier on April 14th on PC and other platforms, however PC users have been plagued by crashes and errors and even now there has still been no fix.

The key issue is that for many the game is completely unplayable, it has constant crashes when trying to do anything in the game. However there are a myriad of issues relating mainly to large amounts of missing content. Missing content covers everything from backgrounds and characters to the actual Story mode itself.

The issue stems from Steam’s “streaming install system”; this system is intended to make it so that you can play the game while the installation process is underway. It is similar to the system used by Blizzard, where you can play the game during download and even see when it is at an optimal point to play. Players are notified of this system when starting up the game for the first time notifying players that the packages containing content are in the download queue. However the problem is that these packs do not appear in the download queue and don’t download automatically in a lot of cases. The other problem at the moment is that these issues are entirely inconsistent, some players have the game functioning fine but many others do not.

Players who experience this issue will be able to load to the main menu, pick a faction, and mess around with the options but starting any match will crash and many options are locked out on the main menu.

MKX MenuThis menu will be familliar to many players on the PC.

There is a way to fix most of these issues however, as under the DLC tab on steam for Mortal Kombat X are all the extra install packs. These contain all the missing game data that we know of, however users who have all the install packs are reporting some issues still. If you tick all 29 of these boxes then the rest of the game will begin downloading and your Mortal Kombat X in theory should be fixed, the total size of all these files comes in around 18GB and of course the original 3GB download the game comes to a moderate 21GB.

mkx-streaming-1.0This is where you should head in order to download the missing files.

On the one hand it’s exciting to see a major release come out on PC the same day as consoles, especially when were so used to waiting a long time for games just like we have with Grand Theft Auto V. But on the other hand I just think it’s sad to see high profile AAA games come to PC and still be plagued by issues on day one, not to mention giving weight to the argument of Steam’s lack of commitment to properly moderate its own store.

Source: PCGamer

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