Recently I have written an article within which I have questioned credibility of statements made by Ed Boon prior to the release of Mortal Kombat X. Players have been promised, on numerous occasions, a more stable and competent online experience, and to my surprise, NetherRealm studios have delivered more than they have promised. The praise worthy online stability, and the usual online play that was featured within the previous iteration of the franchise has been significantly enhanced. Outside of the typical one vs. one mode, you can indulge yourself within a plethora of different game modes, with Tower Battle and King of The Hill, just to name the few. Online experience itself is not just a bland feature, as its entirety is tailored around the Faction War.


TEST YOUR LUCK – By becoming a member of one of the factions you commit yourself to fight for its prominence within the online environment. However, your choice is not final and you can jump the ship at any time.

Upon your first encounter with game’s title screen, you will be asked to become a member of one of the five Factions. The choice will not be difficult as featured Factions will be well known to all fans of the franchise, however, first time players will be provided with a brief description of each. Depending on your choice, you can become a member of Sub-Zero led Lin Kuei or be a tool of world domination to Brotherhood of Shadows dictated by Quan Chi. Every accomplished fight will reward you with War Points which at the end of the week decide on superiority of one of the Factions.

Before you approach the proverbial meat of the title, it would be beneficial to accustom yourself with the in-game story mode. While the plot is not challenging in anyway, it allowed NetherRealm Studios to provide players with a non-intrusive tutorial. Yes, you can play through the box standard tutorial which is featured within the game, but playing through the campaign is much more beneficial for everyone who is not a seasoned veteran. Twelve in-game chapters represent twelve different characters. Each with its unique set of skills and abilities, allows the player to familiarize him/herself with not only its combat capabilities but counter-manoeuvres can implement to interrupt the flow of opponent’s offensive. By the time you’re finished with the story mode, you will know how to dispose Sub-Zero’s ice sculptures, or how to evade Raiden’s vicious thunderbolts.

Outside of the twelve characters featured within game’s story mode, there are 12 more (Not counting dlc exclusive Goro) waiting for you to sink you claws in, as soon as the final credits come to an end. And while choosing between one of the characters of the already enormous cast can be difficult, you’ll also be faced with a task of selecting the most appropriate combat style. Combat styles allow you to alter your approach to the task of defeating your adversaries, and with each character possessing three alternate fighting styles the possibilities are endless. While fighting Sub-Zero with Scorpion it may be beneficial to adopt the Hellfire Approach which allows you to keep your opponent at a distance, while decimating numerous traps set across the battlefield. Whereas playing with Sub-Zero you can adopt the Unbreakable style which allows you to even out the odds while fighting with Hellfire Scorpion by swiftly interrupting the long ranged attacks of your opponent with ice barriers.


TEST YOUR MIGHT – With careful selection of your in game fighter you can conquer the online environment and become the champion of the Mortal Kombat 

Depending on your level of commitment and fanaticism towards the franchise, Mortal Kombat X can be either a three hour long slog thorough a unpleasantly difficult campaign, or an adventure filled with excitement, which will take countless hours out of your life. If you’re a fan of previous installments, you’ll find hours of joy in defeating towers and numerous challenges the game throws at you, while earning coins which can be exchanged for new moves and apparel for your fighters within the Krypt. However, when approaching Mortal Kombat X for the first time, do not expect to stand against a graphical marvel. Mortal Kombat X has a fantastic art style, but once again it seems like another game has been suppressed by the cross-gen availability. Some textures are astoundingly beautiful, whereas other are below par to say the least.



Mortal Kombat X has entered the 21st century, and it’s here to stay

Mortal Kombat X is a phenomenal display of comprehensive game design, and developers’ commitment to the roots of the franchise. However, the game has its flaws and such hamper the overall experience. At times the AI couldn’t comprehend the constant onslaught and would completely stop fighting until the end of the round, and at times would ‘simply’ cheese by spamming the same attack over and over again. But, it would be hypocritical to say that Mortal Kombat X is not fun. Ultimately, Mortal Kombat X has entered the 21st century, and it’s here to stay, it has managed to remain true to its core concept and will surely entertain generations to come, as further sequels are surely on their way.

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