Mother Russia Bleeds Preview


Mother Russia Bleeds, published by Devolve Digital, is another series that pushes the limit of how violence is accepted in the medium. Mother Russia Bleeds knows what it’s and doesn’t intend on playing it safe. You know what you’re getting for a title that’s stepped in its 80’s roots.

Mother Russia Bleeds is a four-player co-op brawler set in an alternate U.S.S.R. The story focuses on a crew of street fighters that must overcome an oppressive criminal authority and forced drug addictions through any means necessary. After making their escape, the group finds that the drugs they’ve been administered has given them regenerative and combat-boosting attributes, and they embark on a mission to avenge themselves upon the sinister outfit.

Take It To The Limit 

Mother Russia Bleeds - Screen 4

At the start of the menu you can pick from four characters where you’ll battle crime-infested streets, breaking out of prison to trashing local nightclubs that house indecent thugs. As you progress from stage to stage, you can drain foes, which will allow you to heal yourself when the battle is temporarily in intermission. You also have the option to enter a temporary rage state where offensive moves are boosted.

Up to four players locally and online can work together during the campaign. Besides the story mode, Survival Mode and Buss Rush will be available when the game releases. This is a great way to keep players invested after they completed their first playthrough. It should be noted that the title frequently pays respect to Final Fight and Street of Rage, both retro button-mashing titles that cling from that era.

Mother Russia Bleeds - Screen 7This is a very dark, eerie and doesn’t waste expense  of splashing red dye on the screen. Some it feels in place with the direction the game is heading with the action ramping up at the end of each stage where the action breaks down into a mash pit where its every character for himself. Everything outside of frame of caused me to look away from the television screen due to its overuse of color effects when a player uses a syringe. It’s a cheap effect that took me out of the moment-to-moment action.

Mother Russia Bleeds doesn’t take itself seriously, nor does it demand. Setting the game in an alternate U.S.S.R universe allows the game to play by its own rules. One character’s taunt throws feces at enemy face, which is outrageous, and showcases that there simply no such limit this game will cross.

Mother Russia Bleeds releases September 5th.

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