NBA 2K17 - Kobe

Like Game 7 of the NBA Finals – this is it. The final countdown. That last shot. Do or die. The… I’m totally over hyping this, aren’t I? NBA 2K17 drops in less than a week, and 2K Games has one final trailer left for us to drive the hype home.


The first half of the trailer has a bunch of the league’s new bullet points on display. We get a quick glimpse of Dwyane Wade in a Chicago Bulls jersey. There’s a brief snippet of J.R. Smith a few of the other Cavaliers getting their Championship rings while Cleveland’s new banner hangs from the rafters. The newly crafted New York Knicks are see taking a breather on the bench too. The only things missing is a few Draymond Green nut shots. Literally unplayable.

The second portion of the trailer is all business. My first impression – damn is this game pretty. Player personalities and movements are ridiculously lifelike. Everything from dribbling, to cross-overs, to shooting just looks right. Fittingly, the trailer ends with a young Kobe running down the court in his classic number 8 jersey.

If you have NBA 2K17 preordered, you’ll be able to play the game early beginning this Friday, September 16th. For everyone else, NBA 2K17 launches on September 20th for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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