Alien: Covenant

While Alien: Covenant doesn’t release for another three months, 20th Century Fox has given us a solid peak behind the curtain. During last night’s episode of Legion, the studio aired a nearly 5 minute prologue. The clip features the entirety of the main cast and takes place before the events of Alien: Covenant proper.

“I Will Colonize All Over This Table Right in Front of You.”

There’s much to be gleamed from the film’s prologue. Danny McBride, as you can tell from the above quote, is up to Danny McBride things as Chief Pilot, Tennessee. James Franco, whose role up to now has been shrouded in mystery, is confirmed to be the Captain of the Covenant, Jake Branson.

In the short, Captain Jake isn’t feeling well. The crew of the Covenant are about to partake in some pre-cryosleep debauchery, but Jake leaves them to turn in early. Who knows what this could mean for the film proper. As he walks away, he gives a wink to Katherine Waterston’s “Daniels”. Aboard the Covenant, everyone are couples. Which makes sense as they plan to colonize a foreign planet. But with the vast size of the ship, I doubt it’s up to only to crew to populate whatever world their headed to.

Things get tense quickly though as one of the crew members appears to begin suffocating. She clutches at her throat and stumbles around as everyone looks on in horror. To the rescue comes Michael Fassbender’s, Walter, as he simply backhands the crewmember to release her airways. Fassbender, much like his role as David in Prometheus, is innocently menacing. Hopefully we’ll get to see Walter and David interact at some point in the film.

The clip is just below, so set aside 5 minutes and give it a watch. It’s fun and free look at the feel of the movie – at least at the beginning. Alien: Covenant, directed by Ridley Scott, hits theaters on May 19th.

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