Netflix released our first look at their upcoming Castlevania animated series today. It stars none other than “the man who will kill Dracula.” Someone Belmont associated I assume…

4 Episodes Coming in July

Perhaps I missed the news as to when the show would be premiering. So I was shocked when the final frames of the trailer announced a July 7th release date. The show as only announced back in February, so production must have been going on well before that. Especially for an animated series.

There isn’t much to it though, length wise. Netflix’s Castlevania show is considered a mini-series that will consist of two seasons. The first of which, premiering July 7th, will feature four thirty minute episodes. Then, a second season will follow suit in 2018.

Behind the series is show runner Adi Shankar. He is the youngest person with a number one movie at the North American box office with The Grey. He also went on to produce the dark Power/Rangers short you may have seen back in February 2015.

Take a look at today’s first peak at Castlevania to get a feel for what the series is going for. We’ll have to see how it turns out come July.

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