For those that haven’t been following progress on Adrift, just know that the game is attempting to make one of your childhood dreams come true of space exploration. The first-person adventure title revolves around your character, Commander Alex Oshima, who in the year 2037 has survived a catastrophic event while in space with his crew.

Adam Orth, former creative director at Microsoft, says that Adrift is inspired from the calamity that befell his career back in 2013. The Xbox One was then set to come to homes demanding “always online” functionality due to it’s strict DRM regulations. Orth famously went onto Twitter and dropped the “deal with it” line to complaining gamers, which lead to his resignation a short time later.

Getting back to the game though, and more specifically today’s trailer, Adrift has a calming chaos to its presentation. The title of the trailer is “Clair de lune”, as it’s set to the classical medley composed by Claude Debussy. There’s destruction all around Commander Oshima, but in the tranquility of space there’s an eerie peace about it all. We see Oshima in various types of space environments, all the while publishing outlets are dropping quotes about how immersive and revolutionary the game’s VR is.

Orth’s development team at Three One Zero have targeted a release date of March 28th for PC. The game is touting impressive VR possibilities, so the Oculus crowd is quite excited to get their hands on Adrift. The studio also plans to bring the game to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later in 2016.

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