During The Playstation Experience, the folks at Capcom unveiled the new character F.A.N.G., a chinese based martial artist with some apparent ties to Shadowloo, was shown off with a taste of what the characters fighting style would be, and overall is a very interesting fighter.

Along with the announcement of F.A.N.G., Yoshinori Ono also announced officially that 6 more characters after the post launch of Street Fighter V, will be available to purchase or earn through playing the game, and the characters announced are Alex (from Street Fighter 3), Guile (SF2), Balrog (SF2), Urien (SF3), Ibuki (SF3) & Juri (SF4).

The game is set to launch February 16, 2016 in North America and Europe, and In Japan of the 18th.

To view the gameplay demo of F.A.N.G., you can watch the video down below:


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