NES Classic Edition

Nintendo issued a new trailer today showcasing the abilities of the NES Classic Edition. If you went back and looked at commercials from the 1980s, this one would fit right in.

“Now You’re Playing with Power!”

The trailer for the upcoming mini console is supposed to impart the features of the device. And through the 80s vibed trailer it does just that. However, Bob Mackey of USGamer recently went hands on with the device and came back with a few quips.

First, apparently, is a gripe we’ve heard of previously. The NES controller cords are just too damn short. In an age where nearly every device is wireless, a tethered cord can be a major headache. On top of that, putting players on a short leash is going to prove infuriating for certain setups.

NEW Classic Edition Size Difference
Size difference between the original NES and Classic Edition. (Courtesy USGamer)

Secondly, the NES Classic Edition touts the ability to record multiple save states for your games. This is great! But the way in which Nintendo implemented it appears to be not so great. To save, you have to push the reset button on the front of the console. The system will then jump from the game back to the main menu where you can record over one of your four possible save slots. It’ll prove annoying that you can’t just do this from the controller itself. But I suppose Nintendo wouldn’t be “authentic” if they placed a new button on the classic NES controller.

Take a peek the newly issued trailer below. You’ll get a feel for exactly how the NES Classic Edition has its menu layout and the vibe the console is going for in general. Maybe they’ll build upon the success of this one with their next outting, eh? The NES Classic Edition launches on November 11th.

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