Hearthstone has announced its newest expansion, Whispers of the Old Gods. This expansion will feature 134 new cards and is expected to come out around late April and early May. Along side the expansion Blizzard will launch the Standard and Wild formats. Wild format is the same as the current Hearthstone ladder, while Standard is a new format where you can only play classic cards and cards released during the last calendar year. Players will get 3 free packs if they login during the promotional period and the first pack of Whispers of the Old Gods will automatically give the player the legendary card C’thun. The trailer for the expansion can be seen below.

Blizzard will also be releasing a patch for the game on Monday. In this patch Blizzard will be releasing the coveted 9 more deck slots as well as a new feature called deck recipes. Deck recipes is supposed to help players build new decks with ease. Additionally players will be able to pre-order the Whispers of the Old Gods packs starting Monday, and doing so will net them a special card back.


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