Excited to get your hands on that new Hitman game? Well, good news for you! PlayStation 4 owners who preorder the game will have access to the beta later this week. Although the beta isn’t really the retail game proper…

Beginning February 12th for PlayStation 4 and February 19th for PC, players that preorder Hitman will be able to “play the beginning” as Square Enix puts it. You see, the beta isn’t the actual the game itself, it’s a prelude of sorts. Square Enix describes it by saying “the Hitman beta is set at a top-secret recruitment and training facility and revolves around how Agent 47 joined the ICA.”

Throughout the trailer below, you overhear a man and woman describing the use of Agent 47 and whether he can be trusted. While eavesdropping on them, we see Agent 47 do what he does best – eliminating targets left and right in a variety of ways. If you’re interested in the episodic approach this new Hitman is taking, preorder and give it a whirl. You could always cancel if it’s not what you were expecting…

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