Square Enix and Io-Interactive have released a new trailer showing off the sunny city of Sapienza in the upcoming Hitman game.

The new Hitman trailer is set to The Glitch Mob’s “Between Two Points”, and within it, we see a plethora of stealth options that will be at Agent 47’s disposal. Guns, knives, hand-to-hand combat, environmental kills – the new trailer has it all. The city is beautifully rendered, and it appears as though there are a multitude of focal points within it to base missions around.

The trailer is about 2 minutes in length and really gives you an idea of the creativity you can utilize to get the job done within the new Hitman. Check it out for yourselves:

Hitman is targeting a March 11th release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Keep your sights on as we’ll have plenty of coverage on it in the coming months.

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