Camel 101 is looking to take the survivor horror genre back to its roots with their just announced game, Syndrome.

The developer plans to utilize a claustrophobic feel, eerie surroundings and crucial resource management, making Syndrome sound as though it feels a lot like the original Resident Evil. Oh, and let’s not forget Oculus Rift support…

Here’s the premise Camel 101 has laid out for their upcoming spooky game:

“You wake up on a spaceship, dazed and confused from the effects of cryosleep, and begin to search for the rest of the crew. Where could they have gone? All too suddenly, you discover that most of them are dead, and those still alive are… changed.”

Attacking isn’t always the go to maneuver in Syndrome, as the developers hint that you can’t always face your enemies head on; sometimes hiding and breathing as noiselessly as possible is your best course of action.” Sounds as though Syndrome may have a bit of Alien: Isolation within its DNA as well. Here are the key features Camel 101 is touting for Syndrome:

  • Claustrophobic horror―Countless threats, both physical and psychological, await inside the ship.
  • Fight or flee―Use weapons and ammo wisely, as they are in limited supply.
  • Eerie exploration―there’s plenty to discover if you take a moment to search your surroundings.
  • Nothing is what it seems―It’s up to you to find out what’s really going on aboard the ship.
  • Reactive enemies―Cause a stir or make some noise and they’ll pick up on your location.
  • Oculus Rift support―Experience total immersion with Syndrome in VR.

Syndrome is planned for Quarter 2, 2016. The game will be available on Windows PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Mac, and Linux. Checkout the trailer below to get an idea of what type of horror Syndrome is bringing next year.

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