With just two weeks to go until the launch of Lego Dimensions, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is ready to show people just why this game may turn out to be something truly special. Besides the story and game play, which look great in their own right, the voice cast behind Lego Dimensions is something to behold. After checking out the video below, I feel like it isn’t even hyperbole to call it historic.

James McLaughlin, Lego Dimensions‘ Game Director, and Jon Burton, its Creative Director, take us through the new video that showcases the massive amount of talent they’ve been able to include. To start with, Joel McHale voices the game’s guide of sorts, X-PO. Then comes confirmation that Michael J. Fox is indeed back in his iconic role of Marty McFly – we already knew Christopher Lloyd was back as Doc Brown.

Next on deck is Gary Oldman, as he plays the villain of the game, Lord Vortech. Chris Pratt is also included and has not one, but two roles in Lego Dimensions. He brings the voice of Jurassic World‘s Owen into the game, while also reprising his Lego role of Emmet alongside his The Lego Movie co-star, Elizabeth Banks as Wyldstyle. Alison Brie is also back from the movie as Unikitty.

Then comes the quick barrage of names to whet our appetites: Bryce Dallas Howard, Laura Bailey, Matthew Lillard, Tom Kane, Charlie Day, J.K. Simmons, Tara Strong, Jenna Coleman, Michael Gomez, Ellen McClain, Stephen Merchant, Nick Robinson, Ty Simpkins, Travis Wittingham, Nolan North, Peter Capaldi – and “every doctor ever” – Irrfan Kahn, Sean Astin, and… Troy Baker as Batman. Whew. Did I mention this voice team is historic?

Checkout the clip for yourself to get a better idea of who is who. Lego Dimensions hits PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 27th.

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