Push Me Pull You looks…interesting, to say the least. Developed by House House, a small Australian game company, Push Me Pull You is a local multiplayer game where you and your partner are completely joined with one another.

The objective of the game is to work with your partner and each of your extendable torsos in order to control the ball in play. Having the ability to shrink and expand your body will assist you in pulling the ball, considering you won’t be able to simply pick it up. Strategic methods will come into play and you will ultimately discover your individual style through gameplay. But don’t forget: it is crucial that you and your partner work together, which will be frustrating at times and, if other players are involved, fairly competitive.

But that’s what could make this game that much more fun.

Push Me Pull You will also include a character creator, alternate gameplay modes, and an open space during gameplay where players can explore the game’s physics as well as discover secrets and little toys within the level’s environment.

Originally, the game was developed for four players using four controllers. House House came to the realization that that wasn’t exactly realistic and not everyone had spare controllers laying around, so they configured the game a bit more practically. For example, two players will be able to collaborate and use one controller. As one can imagine, that could get pretty entertaining with two players wrestling for control.

Push Me Pull You will be available for PlayStation early next year, but House House has also announced that it will be playable at PlayStation Experience in San Francisco next month. Check out the trailer below to get a feel of the odd yet fascinating features this game has to offer.

Source: PlayStation Blog


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