EA Sports released a new trailer showcasing how puck, and skating physics have changed in NHL 16.  These are minor changes that could pave of down the road, but let’s hope there is more additions before launch.

This is a redemption year for EA’s hockey series which was almost put on ice when NHL 15 released with limited modes, and features for its core audience. Fans were only notified two weeks out of its release date leading many to believe they have been mislead since its reveal, a mistake EA Sports is not repeating in this year.

Since its reveal during E3 2015, EA has been revealing the new features in NHL 16 like team Mascots, Playoff Beards, 6v6 Online Team Play, and new additions to MyGM mode, the series franchise mode.  

Stanley Cup award winners, Jonathan Toews, and Patrick Kane will be the cover athletes for NHL 16. It releases on September 15th for Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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