The room is dark. “High up” CAPCOM business executives sit around a table, their faces shrouded by darkness. One of them slams his fist on the table and yells, “Onimusha, what are we doing with that thing?” Stealthy, Yoshinoro Ono waits outside with his ear against the door. Running from the room with glee he goes and talks to the Daily Star.

Ono has said that he has “spoken internally with people who made Onimusha, and talked about how interesting it would be to revisit that series.”

However, Ono states thats fans of the series should not get excited because at the moment, CAPCOM is “no further down the road than the discussion phase.” It’s interesting to note that CAPCOM did register a trademark for Onimusha back in December, but only time will tell when we will see Samanosuke Akechi again.

Until then, Ono-san is keeping himself busy with the release of Street Fighter V only a week away (Feb 16).

Also, never forget Jean Reno in Onimusha 3.

onimusha-3-demon-siege-4 Sources: IGN, Daily Star