Ubisoft has published a new video for their upcoming title, Rainbow Six Siege. The clip serves as an official introduction to the game’s “elite American operators”, FBI SWAT.

Rainbow Six Siege - FBI Swat
FBI Swat

There are four elites that this Rainbow Six Siege video introduces us to, each with their own unique specialties and skill sets. First off, we have Ash. The lone woman of the group, it appears as though she handles most of the dirty work. Using her custom M120 Compact Rifle, Ash’s specialty is the ability to breaching various windows, floors and walls from a distance.

Rainbow Six Siege - Ash

Next we’re introduced to Pulse. Using a special tracker that pinpoints enemy locations based upon their heartbeat, Pulse is able to quickly locate  and eliminate hidden and camouflaged foes. “Pretty lethal for a biometrics genius” the trailer notes.

Rainbow Six Siege - Pulse

We then meet Castle who has a fun gimmick of his own. Castle carries with him a “portable bulletproof panel that can be rolled like a blanket but holds like a fortress.” He uses it to is To secure doors and windows but also as an impromptu means of cover during hectic firefights. Pretty useful.

Rainbow Six Siege - Castle

Thermite is our fourth and final introduction. Using a remote detonable rolling mat dubbed “The Brimstone”, he can “cut metal like butter”. He appears to be the member of the team at the front line of infiltrations.

Rainbow Six Siege - Thermite

Outside of the character introductions we don’t get much else from the video. That is likely to change, however, during Ubisoft’s E3 presentation where Rainbow Six Siege is sure to play a roll. The title is set to release on October 13th, 2015. We’ll find out more about it in just a couple weeks.

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