Earlier today, DontNod Entertainment, well known for the failed Remember Me, and the successful Life Is Strange, release three more screenshots for their new project Vampyr which was announced  last year during E3 2015.

In the new screenshots, we have our first look at the main protagonist of the game, Dr. Jonathan Reid, torn between his Hippocratic Oath he took when he became a doctor, and his bloodlust and desire to feed as a newly formed vampire, during the midst of the Spanish-flu overtaking the city of London, England.

In the screenshots, it delves into the morality of Dr.Reid, showing both his vampiric nature feeding on an innocent bystander, as well him undertaking the Hippocratic oath as a doctor, helping an either sick/injured civilian.

Here’s a look of the new screenshots:

Dr. Reid standing alone in a cemetery.
Reid feeding on an innocent citizen….tasty.
Reid taking on the role of Doctor.

In the last press release, it informed us that you had the ability to choose whether you want to kill people to feed your blood lust, or avoid doing so, but didn’t really state too much in terms of what the point of doing so would do other than change the path of the story.

This press release does delve a little deeper into what giving in to your nature as a vampiric protagonist, and how it’s beneficial. According to the press release, feeding on individuals (good or bad) will give you the ability to upgrade your vampiric skills, such as persuasion, locomotion, survival, and combat. It also poses the question of “Should I kill people?” versus “Who should I kill?” indicating you can choose to dispatch of both innocent bystanders as well as bad guys who stand in your way, however doing either will effect the London’s ecosystem, for example, kill a renowned doctor taking care of the city’s patients for the sake of upgrading your powers, and watch as the city’s sick patients die off.

Overall it’s an exciting premise, which has loads of potential, and it is confirmed that Vapyr will make an appearance at E3 2016 on June 14th-16th in Los Angeles, California.

Vampyr is slated to release in 2017, for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and the PC.

Stay tuned for more info as it comes up, and as always, stay beautiful my friends.

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